Discover Why Rudy and his family love Gympanzees

We love hearing what the parents and families have to say about their experience at the Pop Up – so this Easter we asked a few brave Mums and Dads to record an interview about why the come to Gympanzees Pop Up, what their children enjoy most and what it gives them as a parent

Listen and watch this clip from Rudy’s mum who visited with him and a sibling. If the background sounds are anything to go by they were having a great time while mum was talking to us!

Our goal is to offer children and young people and their family a space where they can enjoy themselves without the need to worry about what other people may think or say. A safe, supportive place for play, exercise and of course friendship. So, when we hear that Gympanzees offers Rudy the space he needs to enjoy himself, that mum is relaxed about coming and that his sister is having fun too – it makes us very happy.

It reinforces our vision and purpose. It keeps us motivated and focused on making our vision of a permanent centre a reality – soon!


Rudy has additional needs, sensory processing disorder, some autistic traits and anxiety. And he finds some places that are more crowded a bit overwhelming.

So it’s nice to come somewhere where people understand, where he can make lots of noise and go a bit crazy and it’s ok.

Yes, this wonderful to have the chance to use the specialist equipment and have lots of fun it’s great.

Siblings love it too.

We do go to accessible quiet sessions at Play which is closing down unfortunately and special needs sessions at Circomedia circus school. So there are more places that are offering special sessions but they are very occasional and sometimes they are very expensive as well.

Everything that’s – here it would be amazing to have it permanently available, a space you can go where everyone is welcome and it’s just easy and you don’t need to worry about behaviour and peoples’ opinions and things.

Yes it’s lovely!


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