Gympanzees Project Home

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It’s time our families had access to a purpose-built facility that is specifically designed to meet their play, exercise and social needs.

We need your help with our multi-million-pound campaign, which will secure us a building and fill it with specialist rooms and amazing inclusive sensory and exercise equipment.

A young child playing with fibre optic lights in a dark sensory room
Gympanzees Project Home Appeal

We are fundraising to open the first-ever Gympanzees centre in Bristol.  With world-class equipment and open seven days a week, our new home will provide endless possibilities for health, happiness and support and will create cherished family memories such as a three-year- old laughing for the first time, a six-year-old taking his first steps, siblings able to play together, and parents making friendships with others who understand the disability world.

Gympanzees Interact
Gympanzees Be Social
Gympanzees Be Calm
Gympanzees Bounce
Gympanzees Swing
Gympanzees Play
Gympanzees Get Active

“I cried with happiness when my 3 year old son laughed for the first time!"


Ways to Help

There are lots of amazing ways to support Project Home Appeal, so please join us on this life-changing and essential journey to provide everything under one roof for children and young people with disabilities and their families.

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“You’ve opened up a world in which we can just exist exactly how we need to.”