David Constantine

David is the co-founder of Motivation, a charity which works to improve the quality of life of people with mobility impairment. His inspiration to design wheelchairs started when he joined IBM and met industrial designers after completing his degree in Computing & Accounting/Finance. He went on to do an MA in Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art, where David, alongside Simon Gue, designed an award-winning wheelchair for developing countries. David himself is a wheelchair user, following a diving accident in 1982 (at 21), so his work is understandably filled with deep personal significance and in 2010, he was awarded an MBE by the Queen for services to people with a disability.


Robert Gore-Langton

Rob has been a journalist, editor and author for the past 35 years, writing on theatre, culture and travel. He is currently chief theatre reviewer for the Mail on Sunday. Rob’s youngest son Hal was a wheelchair user, wooden-spoon-basher and inveterate giggler. He benefited enormously from his time at a special school in Bristol where play was central to his life.  Hal sadly died at the age of 20 and his  family today treasure all the things he discovered he could do through active play and often riotous physical fun!  Rob whole-heartedly supports Gympanzees and its inspiring mission to enhance the potential and the lives of special youngsters.