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Every disabled child in the UK enjoys a life filled with exercise, play and friendship.


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To deliver multiple fully inclusive leisure facilities that are easily accessible for disabled children, young people and their families; meeting exercise, therapeutic and social needs.

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There are 1 million disabled children and young people in the UK

84% of families with a disabled child can’t access regular leisure and their health and well-being are suffering as a result. 72% of parents suffer from mental health difficulties as a result of isolation.

Gympanzees is an award winning social enterprise and our vision is that every disabled child and young person in the UK has access to play, friendship and exercise.

Inclusive Leisure Facility

We plan to achieve this by opening the UK’s first, fully inclusive leisure facilities around the UK. The first will be in the Bristol area and will cater for the play, exercise and social needs of the 58,000 children and young people, from 0-25 years old, with disabilities who live in the area. 

The Gympanzees plans, generously made for us by Stride Treglown Architects.


This first permanent facility will take several years to fund and build so, in the meantime, we are running pop up Gympanzees facilities in the holidays to go some way to addressing the problem and to test our concept until the main permanent facility is built.

Pop Up Leisure Facility

We exceeded our initial fundraising goal and so were able to put on the first pop up Leisure Facility in August 2018. This was a huge success, demonstrating that there is the need and proving our concept for the main permanent facility. We had over 1,100 children booked over the 4 weeks with people travelling as far as from Braunton (North Devon), Reading and Worcester – with one family making a holiday of it and staying in a hotel. 

Since then we have run two more successful pop ups in Bristol in the Easter and Summer of 2019. Our latest Pop Up in Easter 2020 is now available to book. 

We now plan to run Pop Ups every Easter and Summer holidays until the main facility is built.

We now have the evidence to look for premises and for the capital funding for the main Gympanzees Leisure Facility.

"We absolutely loved the pop up gym, genius idea - wish it was available all the time. Managed a full 50 min tutor session afterwards...that’s the power of sensory integration - usually 15 min max!"
Tara Northen
Facebook - August 2018
Brilliant session! Both my my children were able to play. And play with each other. Staff are great. Positive! And everything is possible! Xx
Charlotte Deegan
Facebook - August 2018
"Amazing place! My 6 month twins absolutely loved it and fell asleep straight after- brilliant! 🙂 An opportunity to meet others in similar situations as you. Very friendly and welcoming staff, clean environment and facilities, easy parking, breast feeding friendly, stimulating for young people and overall excellent.👌🏽"
Emma IsAraisin
Facebook - August 2018
"Jaiden who is 6 and I visited our 1st session today at Gympanzees, it was absolutely brilliant and Jaiden loved it. It was very relaxed for both of us and everyone was very understanding of all the children’s needs. I would fully recommend Gympanzees as there is nowhere else like it!"
Nicola Boyle
Facebook - August 2018
"Today my 6yr old son and I attended the first Pop-up Gympanzee Activity Centre session. In my mind I knew what to expect, I’d watched all the videos and followed all the updates but I still wasn’t prepared for the amazing feeling I came away with."
Dawn Hicks
Facebook - July 2018
"This was our 1st visit with our 2 boys and it was fantastic, both boys had great fun, there is so much for them to do. We will be coming back every week! I hope this can become permanent as it is very much needed as it is the only place to cater for a full range of disabilities and the people are lovely."
Rob Hole
Facebook - July 2018
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