We've got a building, and now you can help us make it a home!

A world of fun & fitness for all disabled children

We support children and young people (0-25yrs) with sensory, physical, learning difficulties, SEN and any mild to profound disability to access fun and fitness.


Help us make our building a home!

Our Mission

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Why We Help

There are 90,000 young people with disabilities within an hour of Bristol and over 1.5 million in the UK.

77% of children with disabilities cannot access regular leisure facilities so can’t play, exercise or socialise in the same ways as their peers.

This not only affects them, but leaves whole families in isolation, with 72% of parents suffering mental health issues as a result.

Gympanzees offers a solution, providing accessible fun and fitness for all disabled children.

Gympanzees are on a mission – a mission to open up a world of fun and fitness for all disabled children.

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We want to make sure children and young people with disabilities are given equal opportunities to play and exercise to aid their physical and mental development, ensuring that they can meet their potential

Gympanzees Project Home Appeal

Our Appeal

Gympanzees’ mission from the start has been to find a permanent home – a play, exercise and social facility that will have everything under one roof for our families. We are delighted to announce Project Home, a campaign that will help that dream become a reality.

Watch our appeal video here. We spoke to some of the families that use us about what a permanent Gympanzees would mean to them. 

"You've opened up a world in which we can just exist exactly how we need to."
A young child in a dark sensory room with lights and colourful cloths

How We Help

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Access Gympanzees at Home

From exercise videos, activities, ideas, online therapy webinars with a qualified therapist, and borrowing specialist play and exercise equipment – we’re here to help you. Our focus is all with a therapeutic twist so that your child receives health and wellbeing benefits – all whilst having a great time.

A young girl is enjoying a swing at Gympanzees Pop Up

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A young person in Gympanzees gym room at the Pop Up

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Our Awards

Our Take That Competition made £1,610 but that has now been doubled to £3,220!

Our Take That Competition made £1,610 but that has now been doubled to £3,220!

Our Take That Competition made £1,610 but that has now been doubled to £3,220!!

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