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There are 66,000 young people with disabilities within an hour of Bristol, and over 1.1 million in the UK. 77% of children with disabilities cannot access regular leisure facilities so can’t play, exercise or socialise in the same ways as their peers. This not only affects them, but leaves whole families in isolation, with 72% of parents suffering mental health issues as a result. 

We must support them and their parents with remote guidance, access to specialist equipment and vital support systems.

We support all forms of disability from mild to profound physical disability, learning difficulties together with sensory and behavioural disorders. 

Families can borrow, for free, our specialist play and exercise equipment including sensory boxes through to therapy equipment, gym equipment and soft play. Equipment can be delivered directly to your home.

Our free webinars give advice and ideas to manage a wide range of topics from complex feeding difficulties, the proprioceptive system and down syndrome and physiotherapy.

Our online resource pages are packed with ideas, information, ‘how to’ explanations, videos and external links to help your child develop a variety of skills, catering for different play and exercise needs.

Our Pop Ups offer a variety of activities, from specialised gyms and sensory rooms to therapy suites and social cafés, they provide the chance to exercise, play and build friendships for the whole family. 

Our Pop-Up events are hugely popular with families. 

This year we are doing things slightly differently, we are bringing you the magic of Gympanzees, in a way that is Covid safe and accessible! Find out more about Gympanzees Roadshow 2021.


We want to make sure children and young people with disabilities are given equal opportunities to play and exercise to aid their physical and mental development, ensuring that they can meet their potential

Please Support Us

Our income has all but dried up due to Covid-19, but families need our support more than ever. 

Please support us if you can.

Your donation will will help protect the physical and mental health of 1,000s of children and young people with disabilities by meeting their needs and supporting them and their families with professional guidance and access to specialist equipment. 

High Tone

Our Future Vision

A Permanent Facility

Alongside our current work, we continue to develop our plans to build the UK’s first dedicated play, exercise and social inclusion destination for children and young people with disabilities and their families. A destination complex designed to suit the needs of our families and open 364 days a year and provide a vital resource.

The Gympanzees plans. A huge thank you to Stride Treglown Architects who generously made this for us.

Our Awards