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Our world class facility will bring everything under one roof for children and young people with disabilities and their families, including a host of activity rooms. 

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Explore the Facility

Explore the different rooms!

Gympanzees Bounce
Bounce to your Hearts Content

Trampoline Room

Bounce to your hearts content in the trampoline room! Perfectly designed to meet every child’s need. The room will feature 3 in-ground trampolines which will also be used to deliver rebound therapy.

Hoists will be positioned above all trampolines and partitions between will ensure our guests don’t become too overwhelmed.

Physical Benefits of Trampolines

  • Bouncing helps improve and increase balance, coordination, and core strength, including muscular strength and stamina.
Gympanzees Interact
Make your music

Music Room

Our centre will also include a fully sound-proofed music room, with high tech equipment, including musical floor mat, music beams and musical walls to make it a fully immersive sensory experience!

Physical Benefits of Music

  • Music can be a powerful tool for emotional and physical development in children.
  • Making music offers opportunities to improve communication
  • Children can express emotion through the noises that they make, practice back and forth exchanges, turn-taking and listening skills by making sounds together.
  • Music can also help regulate the nervous system. Slow, soft music and sounds are calming and can ease anxiety, while loud, up-tempo music is alerting, which helps an under-stimulated nervous system.
A feast for the senses

Active Sensory Room

The active sensory room will be a feast for all the senses! It will feature an interactive sandpit, multiple interactive screens and an interactive floor mat. Children will be able to explore and change the feel of the entire room!

Physical Benefits of Active Sensory

  • Feeling different textures is good for stimulating brain development.
  • The highly engaging nature of the equipment helps to improve concentration and focus .
  • Cause and effect encourages movement and activity.
  • Physical movements like two handed play and crossing the hands to the other side of the body during play, also helps brain development and body awareness.
Playing guitar
Active sensory at Accessible soft play centre
Gympanzees Get Active
Get Active


One of the larger rooms in the centre – this isn’t just like any other gym!

The gym will feature both regular and child size gym equipment. There will be disability specific items, including Innowalk and Motor Med (assisted hand bikes).

There will be a snowboarding machine, activity walls, dance machine, active arcade games and even a mechanical horse!

We told you it wasn’t a regular gym!

Physical Benefits to Exercise for Children

  • Improves general health
  • Increases strength and mobility
  • Improve gross and fine motor skills
  • Reduces pain and obesity
  • Reduces constipation
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves lung and heart health
  • Increases life expectancy
  • Controls or slows progression of chronic disease
On the play equipment
Gympanzees Be Calm
Calm Sensory Systems

Quiet Sensory

The calm sensory room will be full of visual and tactile items to explore. The room itself will be dark with fibreoptic lights, vibrating beds and dark dens. There will be a bubble machine and projectors, alongside other light up and tactile equipment.

Most children and young people with impairments and disabilities will have some sensory challenges which can impact their development and behaviour. The calm sensory room will be full of equipment designed to help children modulate, stimulate, and calm their sensory systems.

Gympanzees Calm Sensory
Gympanzees Play
Time to Play

Indoor Playground

This incredible playground will sit in the centre of the facility and will include wheelchair accessible slides, swings and roundabout.

There will be basket swings and bucket swings, alongside regular swing frames. There will also be climbing equipment, including monkey bars!

There will be spinning equipment too and a ramp for sit on scooters and trikes!

Accessible Soft Play

Soft Play

We cannot contain our excitement at the thought of a 3 story multi-ability soft play! The soft play will include a wheelchair accessible floor and will be built to adult height so parents and carers can join in too!

We are also planning a sit on zip wire in this area!

Physical Benefits of Soft Play

  • Soft play gives children and young people the opportunity to practice and engage with their movement and motor skills.
  • It is also great for balance and using their imagination.
Gympanzees Our Services
Fun play tube at Gympanzees
Gympanzees Swing
Release some energy

Swing Room

The perfect room for adrenaline seekers to release some energy!

The swings will hang from the ceiling and will include, platform swings, hug swing, bolster swing and more!

There will be hammocks to lounge or swing, dependent on how you feel and spinning chairs and rockers.

Plus, a bouldering wall too!!

Physical Benefits of Swinging

  • Swinging can help build core muscles and develop balance and strength.
  • Swinging has been shown to improve behaviours, social skills, concentration and help with calming and reduce stereotypical behaviours with children who have sensory processing disorders. 
Gympanzees Be Social
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