Gympanzees staff outside SGS Pegasus School

Gympanzees set to return to SGS Pegasus School in Patchway this Easter, following 2 successful Pop Ups in 2022, which saw over 7,000 visitors. 

SGS Pegasus School will play home to the Gympanzees Pop Up this Easter after so generously offering up their facilities. Once again we shall see its classrooms transformed! With over 3 truckloads full of equipment, the team will embark on the epic task of setting up over 10 interactive rooms and spaces full of exercise and sensory equipment designed to get children and young people with disabilities active and exploring in a safe and fully-accessible environment. There will be a specialised gym, trampoline room, a calm and interactive sensory room, a music room, soft play, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, and a hangout room for older children. There are also rooms to rent for therapists, exercise studios for massage, disabled dance etc., and an all-important café. 

Chief Operations Officer, Fran Garland, said, “We’re thrilled to be returning to SGS Pegasus School this Easter. The school have welcomed us back, and we are very grateful for all the support we have received and continue to receive from them. We’ve had such positive feedback from families. We are sure we will see lots more memories being made and lots of positive health impacts for the children and young people visiting us.”

In 2022 families travelled up to 6 hours to use our facilities, and we saw some incredible firsts. We saw a child take their headphones off in public for the first time in 6 months and a 12-year-old boy never sleeps, sleeping for 12 hours after his visit to Gympanzees.

The Pop Ups are fully inclusive, with changing places and hoists in every room, and special attention is paid to the sensory environment. There are also different session types – based on the child’s physical and sensory needs and abilities so that visitors can choose the environment which suit them. Within their session families are free to spend as much or as little time as they want in each space, and disability-trained staff are on hand to help with hoisting, advise on equipment use, and keep everyone safe and happy.

Bookings for the Easter Pop Up will go live in February 2023. Any groups interested in hiring out a session at the Pop Up please get in touch with Fran –

A young child stacking foam bricks
A young child playing with fibre optic lights in a dark sensory room
A young person using a motor med exercise machine

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