Gympanzees Lending Library

Families in the Bristol area (with a BS postcode) will be able to borrow our specialist play and exercise equipment from our Pop Ups including sensory boxes specific to your child’s needs through to therapy and exercise equipment and sensory toys and kit . Equipment will be delivered to your home, following social distancing advise at all times, allowing us to provide instruction as needed and an opportunity to stay in touch with families.

Item Library

  • White Single Vibrating Mat (mains powered) 

  • Black Single Vibrating Mat (mains powered)

  • Fibre Optic tails—Long (mains powered)

  • Fibre Optic Tails—short (Mains powered)

  • Mood Egg (Mains powered) and Marble Pane

  • Den – Great for sensory play and exploration

  • Big Top Spinner

  • Racing car ladder with 6 cars

  • Spinning chair

  • Fun Car

  • Climbing unicorn bridge

  • Rocking unicorn and dinosaur

  • Jungle animals x 3

  • Adventure Car

The adventure car for creating trips at home and getting your child’s imagination working.

  • A variety of shapes and sizes

An assortment of shapes and sizes for your child to jump, hop and lie on at home.
*Exact pieces may vary from pictures.

  • Step, slide and 2 mats

Great for recreating soft play fun at home and working on your child’s balance and gross motor skills!

  • Play Pit with 80 balls

You can put any toys in here and know your child will be safe whilst playing and having fun.



These pieces of equipment are for INDOOR USE only. 

  • Hammock

You might remember this from our Pop Ups! Great for swinging, relaxing and enjoying time as a whole family. This product is 2/3m wide.

  • IJoy Twist — (Orange and Grey) Twisting side to side

  • IJoy Ride— (White and Grey) Moves backwards and forwards, and slightly side to side

  • Gym Balls available on request – Large Blue (75cm)

Yellow (55cm)

Small red peanut (40kg max weight)

Choice of one box per household

  • Visual Sensory boxes – Auditory Light-up cubes, mirror pebbles, beanbags, rain maker, glitter balls, spikey balls, light-up balls, bell balls and squidgy items

 visual sensory box

  • Auditory – Small keyboard. Squeaky toys, chime-about, shakers, bells, small tambourine, balls with bells

  • Proprioception and tactile – Movement Bead-about, chewy toys, tactile toys, stretchy toys, weighted toys. Also comes with one Gym ball

  • Movement – Wobble cushion, twist plate, wobble board, scooter boards, balance beams, beanbags, balls Option of adding Gym ball if available

  • Handheld Time Tracker

  • Mini Egg Timers
    2 x 10 mins
    1 x 5 mins
    2 x 3 mins
    2 x 1 min


Please call Lucy on 07761913466 or email and leave your number to book an item and arrange delivery. Lucy will be available between 10am-3pm so please leave a message if you call outside those times and Lucy will get back to you. 

Items are available to hire for two weeks, at one item or one sensory box per family. Items are nly to be used indoors unless stated otherwise in the library list. Where needed, instructions on how to use the equipment will be sent via email. 


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, staff will deliver to your front door, or, if you are in flats, will meet you on the ground floor at the entrance to the block of flats. Unfortunately they will not be able to bring the equipment into your home, nor help to set it up. Any setting up instructions will be provided.

Our staff will be available for a chat at a safe distance on the day of your delivery should you wish to.


All the equipment will be disinfected before being wrapped or secured in lidded boxes. It will then remained untouched for a minimum of three days in our storage prior to delivery. We will do our best to but cannot guarantee that the wrapping or the outside of the boxes are not infected so would advise you to dispose of the wrapping safely or clean the outside of the boxes and then wash hands thoroughly before use.


We are currently piloting this library but hope, in time, to have a much more extensive list of items and a dedicated booking system. To make this happen, we ask our lending library families to give feedback on their experience. A form will be provided with the equipment to be returned with the items. Thank you in advance for taking time to help us in this way.

Preparing your items ready for pick-up

You will receive an email with an inventory list and photo’s of equipment. Please ensure all items are clean and boxed up (if in boxes) and have been checked off against this list prior to collection.


This service wouldn’t be possible without the help and support from our wonderful families, volunteers and supporters. So if you are able to donate to help us to continue to provide our services during this unprecedented time, we would really appreciate it!

You can donate through our JustGiving page:

If you have any pre-loved equipment that you no longer need and you want to donate it to us, please contact Lucy on to arrange pick up!