Volunteer with us

Volunteering with us can provide an amazing opportunity for you to get involved with our projects and see just what an impact the work we do has on children and young people with disabilities, as well as their families. You can choose to get involved with varying levels of commitment to suit you, so you can give up an hour or so regularly or a whole day in one go!   


Volunteer testimonials

“I volunteered with Gympanzees for the first-time last summer and was absolutely blown away. I’d known about their work for a while, and finally decided to get involved and help at the summer pop up, mainly meeting and greeting families, showing people around, and serving food and drinks in the café. Watching how excited each young person was as they arrived and being able to chat to families as they signed in really opened my eyes to how much Gympanzees changes lives. 

Of course, a day volunteering wasn’t complete without a quick tour of the whole pop-up to play with and chat to different children and young adults in the various rooms. I feel so lucky to have learned about so many experiences and challenges faced and to have started building relationships with returning visitors, even in the short space of time that I was volunteering. It was amazing to see individuals from completely different backgrounds have fun together and experience facilities which many families take for granted. 

My time as a volunteer was really topped off by the wonderful staff, who never failed to keep everyone laughing and smiling and really made the pop up feel like a welcoming haven. I’m so grateful to have been part of the invaluable work Gympanzees do, and can’t wait to volunteer again at the next pop up.” – Laura, Volunteer at the Summer 2019 Pop Up 

“I was helping out in the cafe over the summer and loved it. Having “retired” two years ago I felt directionless and this opportunity has given me the confidence to carry on volunteering.  It has boosted my confidence. 

As a carer of a young adult I was so pleased to see other parents and carers have somewhere to go over the long holiday; somewhere they were safe and the children had opportunities to be themselves and explore and try new experiences. There was nothing like this when my daughter was younger. It is so important to have the space and time and appropriate activities for these young people. I got such good feelings from seeing their happy faces.” – Mary, Volunteer at the 2018 Pop Up.