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We understand that you know your children/ young people better than anyone. Please chose your session with care and come with the appropriate amount of support for your children/ young people to ensure everyone is safe and can enjoy the facilities.

Please click on the session below that would most suit the child or young person with a disability coming to the Pop Up. Each session is for either age 0-11 years or 11-25 years:


Sessions for everyone with any ability or disability. Siblings welcome at all sessions. Please be aware there will be children/ young people running around as well as more fragile or non-mobile children/ young people at these sessions. Please consider the suitability for your child. This session has the largest allowance for number of attendees so can be noisy and busy.

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Sessions for those loud, physical, challenging individuals that like to be ‘King of the Jungle’ and have more fun when there are less people about. This is a reduced capacity session so there is plenty of space per child/ young person. There will be breakout rooms available.

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Sessions for those who prefer a quiet and less busy environment; suitable for children/young people who have autism and/ or sensory processing disorders. Attendance numbers are restricted to keep the noise down and reduce sensory overload although this is still an active session with individuals running around.

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Session for those who are more fragile; children/young people that need to avoid any bangs and bumps. This is suited to those with medical needs and/ or non-mobile children/young people who are more likely to be on the floor. These are two-hour sessions to allow for more time consuming needs such as hoisting, toileting and medical needs.

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