Lockdown Fundraising Ideas

We know how much more of a challenge it will be to push your fundraising targets during this time, so we’ve put together a list of lockdown fundraising ideas. You don’t even need to leave the house!


  • Run 5k/10k (or more!) in your garden/balcony/living room. (Warning: you will need to do a lot of loops!)
  • Dust off at home gym equipment (stationary bike, stepper, rowing machine) and get sponsored to work out. (Virtually) row across the channel, do the tour de France or climb the 3500 steps of the Chand Baori.
  • Have an online dance party. Pop on your dancing shoes, your favourite tunes and livestream a dance-a-thon from the comfort of your home.
  • Alternative Marathons. We don’t need to limit ourselves to running! Get sponsored to do yoga/ping-pong/old Jane Fonda workout videos for a really long time. Maybe you could partner with a local fitness instructor who’s been forced to move their operations online?

Put yourself out

In times like these, laughter is great medicine. Embarrass yourself for your friends’ amusement and raise funds in the process.

  • Get gloopy! Have a bath in baked beans! Shower with flour! The ickier the better. Photos or it didn’t happen.
  • Give something up. What’s been getting you through these crazy times? Netflix? Chocolate? Moaning? Wine? Get sponsored to give it up for a period of time – you can do it!
  • A hairy idea: while your hairdresser is on hiatus, DIY. Shave your head/dye your hair a crazy colour/let your lockdown partner go crazy with the scissors. Get sponsored to share the pics.
  • Fashion parade. Let your kids/flatmates choose your outfits for a month – post your photos on social media to share your shame and ask for donations from your followers.

Get online

With online systems getting increasingly sophisticated, we have the technology to raise money online.

  • Hold a fundraising event. Quiz nights, stand up, bingo, dance parties, video game tournaments, gigs – you name them, you can live stream them. People will enjoy the social element too.
  • Sell your skills. Are you a cracking cook, brilliant baker, guitar hero or knitting whizz? Run one-to-one tutorials or workshops online and use the proceeds for your fundraising.
  • Get paid to spring clean! All this time at home got you cursing at your clutter? Now’s the time to finally sell your record/shoe/rare stamp collection online. While the post office is open, eBay is our friend.
  • IOUs. Sell vouchers for hugs/cakes/high fives for when life gets back to normal. People understand things are tricky and will be wanting to do good deeds.

Having something nice to look forward to while raising funds for Gympanzees will give your sponsors a feel-good glow.

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  1. Niki

    Hi fundraising team I have some Amphora Aromatics goods and gift boxes and baskets – but not the time or Etsy skills !!
    If anyone fancies, I’m very happy to
    “donate” them for cost price – with some help we could fundraise some pennies ?

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