Our pick of the best inclusive home workouts for disabilities

Exercises for the home for children with mild physical disabilities

We know that lots of people have been getting involved in online exercise and mobility classes in the mornings whilst being at home. However, we know that these workouts aren’t suitable for children and young people with a disability.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best workouts, activities and videos we’ve seen for you to try at home!  

If your child is in a wheelchair, try…

1) Kim Non-Stop Seated Workout Series.

This is a series of high intensity, cardio workouts to do in a wheelchair or in a sitting position.  

They are probably best for those of you with moderate to high function in your arms and body. There is some leg work but you can keep going with your arms if you are unable to follow the leg exercises. The exercises are fast paced but you can follow at your own speed and join in with the bits you are able to do.  

If you don’t have a stretchy band, use a tin/ bottle/ piece of fruit etc to add some weight to the movement. As you get used to the exercises, you can try to stretch further in each movement or increase your speed or weight to progress.   



2) Kaiser Wheelchair Workout

This video provides slower paced wheelchair exercises.  

It has been made for those with spinal injuries but would work well for those with Cerebral Palsy, or other neurological conditions, with arm involvement/quadriplegia. There are some lovely exercises at the end with weights – use socks, bottles, herb bottles or anything you’ve got lying around the house instead! 



3)  Teens on the Move

Great video for young people in wheelchairs or with some standing ability. Aerobic and good for keeping mobile in your chair – great for all round fitness.  



4) Andy’s Wild Workouts

We were recommended Andy’s Wild Workouts by one of our parents who said “This is a brilliant one for my child who stands but is very wobbly and uses a kaye walker. No getting up and down off the floor, no moving across the floor. Not too fast. Andy stays mainly in one spot, there is gentle jogging and jumping. It is addictive”.


If your child has learning difficulties, try… 

1) National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)

NCHPAD aim to Improve the lives of individuals with Autism through Exercise. 

This brilliant series goes through the many aspects of exercise, including some sensory integration information, to help you teach your child or young person with Autism how to exercise. It has some fabulous ideas, resources and demonstrations for you to tailor your exercises to your child. It is taught by 2 sport and disability experts and has 28 different videos.   



2) Misha and Monkey

Although not specifically adapted for disability this series may work for children with learning difficulties if you repeat them often.  

This is a great series for keeping your younger children fit. Some nice easy exercises well explained and demonstrated with lots of time to get it right. Nice to do with your child.   



3) Cosmic Kids Yoga

A brilliant resource to teach yoga and mindfulness to smaller children. Lots of great themes to keep it fun and engaging for children with all interests. Nice simple instructions so this may also work for some older children with learning difficulties. 



If your child is mobile on the floor, try…

1) Adapted yoga series

This series has been done by health professionals and therapists and there are a few different options: Triplegia, Muscular Dystrophy, Hypotonia, Diplegia and Ataxia. These are all for mobile children but you may be able to adapt for some of the children who aren’t quite walking. 



For younger children, try…

1) Lucy Wyndham-Read

This uses drawings and lots of artwork to make this workout interesting for toddlers.   



Something for the whole family…

1) POPSUGAR Fitness

Family workout video. From 4/5yrs and up. Nice simple exercises to keep the family fit.   



And if Joe Wick’s videos are something you want to try, here’s a link to his YouTube

Joe Wicks is a popular fitness trainer. He does a live YouTube workout videos/PE classes for children at 9am, Monday to Friday. These are different every day so for children who need lots of stimulation and variety. If your child is better with routine, these are stored on his YouTube channel so you can choose one to repeat.  



We hope this list of videos are beneficial and fun for you to try at home! We’d love to hear your suggestions on videos that might help others in a similar situation as you, so post them below. 

We are also posting our own ‘Our Home’ videos to help keep children with disabilities active and entertained at home. Head to here to find out more. 

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