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The Move it My Way Challenge is fully inclusive and something that individuals or the whole family can get involved with!

It's a great way to stay active and do something fun all while raising money for an incredible cause!

Here’s some of the lovely individuals, families and friends who took part last year’s challenge running,  cycling and walking up and down the stairs raising £2,172!

A big thank you to all of you!

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What is Move It My Way?

Move It My Way is one of our major fundraising events of the year. The idea is simple – you and/or your family choose a challenge or activity that interests you and do it your way! Dance, bounce, walk, cycle, run – it doesn’t matter – just pledge a challenge to complete and get moving! It’s about having fun in any way that you want, whilst raising some much-needed funds for Gympanzees. 

All you need to do is think of a challenge and pledge it by using #GympanzeesPledge and #MovingItMyWay and tagging GympanzeesUK on social media! We cannot wait to see what you come up with!

We know whatever you pledge will be completely amazing and we cannot wait to see your creativity!

If you aren’t sure what to pledge, here are a few ideas some wonderful people have completed in the past! In 2019, we watched some incredible achievements that children had never completed before including a 100m unaided walk.

  • Pledge a number of steps or distance your child wants to complete with/without a walking aid

  • Have a makatonathon with the whole family

  • Do a family walk/run where you can push your child along in their wheelchair

  • All wheels welcome cycle challenge – using one, two, or four wheels you and your children can go a distance!

  • Trampolining – pledge a number of sit drops, tuck jumps, or somersaults for you and your child to do together!

  • Create a timed relay with your family members – this could be doing anything!

  • Can you bounce on a trampoline for 1 hour between your family?

  • Pledge a number of star jumps, jumping jacks, jump squats

  • Build up the number of steps your child can take over a month

  • Complete the distance of a marathon over the whole month/week

  • 1k a day run or walk for a month/week – a great way to get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

  • Have fun with your child’s wheelchair: can they wheel backward? Pledge a number of chair pushups, cruising around furniture, sit to stand to sits

  • Set up a danceathon with your friends – you can do this virtually too!

  • Yoga – can you and your children try a different yoga pose every day for a month and hold them for 30 seconds or 1 minute? Calming and interesting!

  • Using a racket – can you and your child increase the number of bounces you can do each day for June? Great for developing hand-eye coordination. You can use socks if your child isn’t confident using a ball.

  • Have you ever thought about learning to juggle? Learn throughout the month with our handy videos and then you and your children can do a 2 minute juggle at the end!

  • Can your children balance a different item on their head every day for a month? 

  • Complete a singathon with your friends and family!

  • Borrow something for you and your child to use at home from out Lending Library  and then you can make a pledge with that!

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Child with three wheeled bike.
exercise ball

All funds raised will help provide support and equipment for children and young people with disabilities and their families to stay active at home.

How to take part:

To pledge a challenge, go to: https://buytickets.at/gympanzees/493851  or tag @GympanzeesUK on social media and use the hashtags #MovingItMyWay #GympanzeesPledge. 

This year, we will be visiting you whilst you complete your challenge!

All donations MUST come through our JustGiving page which can be found here: https://justgiving.com/gympanzees-bristol.